Oct 24, 2012

Picked Up Tray's 13-18 Today

So....I had an Orthodontist visit today.  I voiced my concerns about seeing a little gap between the tooth and the plastic on one of my teeth.  He said that tooth needed to come down further...so they gave me "Chewies" basically this little rubber cylinder thing you chew on to get the trays to fit better and move the teeth.  I wanted to say, WHERE THE HECK WAS THIS FOR THE FIRST HALF OF MY TREATMENT???  They work great!  At this moment I'm gnawing on it, in the hopes this tooth will come down further and catch up.  If not...no worries.  I asked when I would be "done" they said sometime in March...but then they added...there may be some "refinements" done.  I asked how many patients get those refinements?  (I did the research and the concept of additional trays used to refine is nothing new to me).  They said practically every patient.  So....I won't be exactly "done" in March.  Boo!  Just hoping I don't get too many extra trays.  I've heard people getting 6 trays which ain't bad at all but then I've heard some getting 20+ which is basically another YEAR of treatment.  Since I'm just fixing a few crowding issues, I'm hoping I don't get that many trays.

Anyway...have I been doing great with brushing and putting them in ASAP after EVERY meal?  No.  I have to get better.  So what I'll probably resort to doing, is rinse really good, then pop back in and brush later.  When I'm at work, it's really hard for me to stop once I get engrossed in something but I'm going to resolve to stop and brush so I can put them back in.  I think the better I do at keeping them in, the less extra trays I will get.  Hopefully.

Every two weeks when I switch to a new tray I noticed some trays come with more discomfort than others.  Not sure why.  And not sure if it has to do with how good I've been wearing them too, like the longer the less discomfort I will feel during the switch.  Anyway, can't wait to get this over with.  I know in the long run it will seem like a distant memory...but right now I can't wait to be done!


Anonymous said...

I didn't even notice anything on your teeth last week!

Xtina said...

I chewed gum all of the time before Invisalign. When I told my ortho this, she told me to chew some for a little while after I eat before I put the trays back in. That's what I do, freshens my breath a little. I drink water most of the time too, but the gum seems to help clean my teeth a little and then I brush as soon as I get a chance. I chew sugar free gum with a minty flavor. :)