Nov 21, 2012

"Makeup Is For Ugly People"

In attempts to raise a healthy view of beauty, my well meaning Aunt said to my female cousin that make up is for ugly people. Well in some cases that may be true...but make up is really for everyone! My obsession started when I was about 16 and finally allowed to wear eyeliner. I remember my eyeliner of choice was a glittery silver...(it was, of course the Spice Girl's era). Make up "parties" selling Mary Kay or Jafra got me into foundation...and before long I was hooked onto covering up my teenage acne with the wonderful magic liquid!

Fast forward to my late twenties and with YouTube's make up guru's my love for make up only grew! In fact I've never been better at make up application and knowing which drugstore item was great or when it was time to splurge for a department store item. I received lots more complements on my eyes and got more daring with colors and trends. I recently joined "My Glam" which is now called "Ipsy" founded by Michelle Phan. They send makeup/skincare/haircare samples monthly. Every month they send at least one full sized item, sometimes even two! I'm never ever ever gonna cancel my subscription! I'm so busy lately....and I so look forward to my random bag of goodies!

My love of make up will never end. I love using a highly pigmented shadow, or experiencing a really creamy lipstick or gloss that just feels great. Since I'm a bit older, I use glitter sparingly but still have some I can whip out on special occasions! I recently discovered BB Cream...(life changing product). Who knows what I will discover next?

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Peter de Zeeuw said...

Have you ever heard "Maybe you should eat up makeup so you can be pretty on the inside"? That's the first thing that came to mind when I saw your blog title, hahaha. :-P

Anyway, makeup is not just for "ugly people" (maybe your aunt said it as a joke?). It's a great concealer to cover up acne or blemished skin (for women, that is).

But you have two advantages, Marie. You're not blond and you're (half) Asian. Women with blond hair often need to apply some makeup not to 'look tired'. Women with dark hair can usually go without. Plus, Asians age less and usually stay young and pretty foreveeeeeer! You're blessed! :-D

P.S. Michelle Phan is cute.