Feb 6, 2013

Invisalign - Tray 20 of 23!

Can't believe how fast time has gone by!  I am now on my tray 20/23.  So that's 3 more tray changes and I'm done!  Well...not exactly...but my main treatment is over and I will get my mouth re-scanned for "refinements".  So...maybe we're looking at another 2-4 months and I'll be done for good!  Yippee!  Maybe even less time, depending!  Has it been worth it?  Absolutely.  I can see a major difference and am very very happy with the results.  Most of my life I've been wanting straight teeth and now I'll have them!  Just have to make sure I keep up after with using my retainer at night, etc.  I'm also an avid flosser.  Hee hee.  So that routine of brushing and flossing will stay with me I'm sure.  Lots of benefits from having Invisalign!

OH!  I almost forgot to mention I had IPR done before getting tray 19 fitted.  My Orthodontist filed like two of my teeth and he did it by hand.  It wasn't at all scary and it's not even noticeable!  So...whoever is scheduled to have that done, have no fear.  Unless he's using a machine to do it.  Even then, lol.  Okay I'm done now!

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Ashley Atkins said...

Hi Marie, I'm happy for you that you will finally overcome those treatments. I'm doing invisalign at austin right now. On my 3rd week of a 7 month treatment plan. So, I'm not sure how well they work yet. Best wishes to your teeth progress!