Apr 11, 2013

Love Affair With Amazon

So I had a free trial of Amazon Prime...which got extended (via regular purchases by me) to a year's worth of free Prime.  Prime gives you FREE 2 day shipping.  It's not completely free, as some vendors boost up their total cost to cover a bit of shipping but for the most part, you can find prices on Amazon close to or CHEAPER than store cost, with the added bonus of the item(s) being delivered to your front door!

How addicted am I?  SUPER ADDICTED.

First of all, I'm a researcher and I'm reviews-driven.  I like to make informed decisions on pretty much EVERYTHING.  I like to read people's opinions, good or bad.  Does one bad review ruin the product for me?  Sometimes!  But sometimes there are so many GOOD reviews that I am willing to over look the few bad ones and see for myself!

Besides reviews, I like the recommended products.  Found a lot of new products, highly reviewed and rated that have really worked for me!

And who doesn't love receiving packages?  I love being saved a trip to the store.  Although sometimes I will take that trip to the store to physically see an item before I buy it on Amazon.  A bit obsessive, I know.

Oh and the ease of buying RIGHT from my cellphone!  And one-click purchasing!  I could go on and on...

Amazon, I truly do love you!  Haven't shopped on eBay for months now...SORRY EBAY!

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Catherine said...

I do love Amazon Prime, even though I pay for it. Do you watch TV shows and movies with Prime? It's great - I got to watch Downton Abbey episodes before they aired!