Jun 30, 2005

Happy Thursday

The sky is gloomy, but I am not. Today is the end of my work week. We have the convention this weekend, so I'm off from work Friday-Sunday.

I have to say, this convention period was different from most - I was a shopaholic this time around. Last year and the year before that, I wore no new outfits all three days. This time I got 3 new outfits for the 3 days. The last time I remember doing that was when I was in my teen years. I would go to Strawberry's or some other discount clothing store (always at the last-minute) scour all the racks until I found something. This time wasn't any different, except instead of Strawberry's I went to Famous Brands. Famous Brands is a wonderful place. It's totally below the radar - because it looks kinda crappy. But inside, if you look hard enough (at times, it's hit or miss) you can dig up some brand name item at a fraction of the cost. My mother has gotten skirts for $7, and dresses that cost not much more. So this convention, I should be unique - because my outfits aren't from Gap/Old Navy/Express/NY & Co./Strawberry's. I also got a skirt from an old favorite: Lord of The Fleas. I used to work there, and visiting made me so nostalgic. (I was thinking of the wardrobe I would have if I were still there. But when you think back about a fond memory, like your first job, you never recall the bad things).

Now I also bought shoes, which I will wear for one of the days. The only thing is, they're pretty high. The kind of high heels that when I fall, no one will pity me. You wear heels to the convention-you are pretty much on your own. And since we are sitting up in the nosebleed section, I will do well to carry a pair of flat slippers to walk around with.

I have my note taking arrangements all taken care of - because Ishmael made Anthony and I, a book for taking notes with the schedule and everything inside. How nice!

I am looking forward to being with the friends this weekend, (and taking pictures of everyone) but most of all I am looking forward to this weekend of encouragement.

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Gata said...

I can't wait to see your lovely new outfits that no one else will duplicate!