Jun 6, 2005

Can you say TACKY?


What you are seeing here is an actual flyer handed to our small 3 person office by our regular UPS driver. (His identity and contact information are hidden for his protection).

I found this in great distaste. I didn't even register in 3 Stores for my Wedding! Here is somebody registering at 3 places for a housewarming.

I also found it a bit odd, that he gave this to us and we don't know him that well. I mean, we KNOW him - he's our UPS guy. But to know him, like really know him enough to get him a present for his housewarming - no.

I think this falls into the "Tacky" category. What about you?

Can you say, fishing for presents?


Gata said...

The flyer was tacky enough, but I was particularly sickened by the grammar. "You're" and "Your" mean two different things. I hope he has a dictionary in his registry.

.:.marie.:. said...

The grammar was the best part of the whole thing! It just tacky-fied it even more!

Bonnie said...

Very tacky. That's the first time I've heard of someone registering for moving. I think the world has gone gift-register happy. I mean, the house looks pretty fancy (how much does UPS pay anyway?) I think he can afford to buy his own home accents.

.:.marie.:. said...

Ha ha ha!

- The picture is not even his house!