Jun 8, 2005

BBQ Highlights

This past Sunday we had a barbecue.

The first of the season - but not the last.

We had a wonderful time.

Here are a few pics of some of the people there...

(I have a few more to add to the bunch later)

Copy of P6050061

Copy of P6050062
Irene & Jorene

Copy of P6050065

Copy of P6050069
"The Artist"

Copy of P6050070
"The Boys"

Copy of P6050073
What are they talking about? (Above)

Copy of P6050074
Can a man get some room?

Copy of P6050078
"Zapata Sandwich"

Copy of P6050081
Me, pretending to be busy

Copy of P6050082
Excuse me!

Copy of P6050088
Group Picture Time!
Click to enlarge!

Copy of P6050091
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Copy of P6050095

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