Aug 15, 2005

Corn-y Tea Pot!


Darn! I wish I could take the merits for that phrase, but I have to give credit to Gata for that one!

Below are some useless things found in a 99 Cents store!


Useless Figurine. OJ anybody?


And last but not least, Mr & Mrs Wannabe Hello Kitty.

They updated Hello Kitty's look to look guess.

And Mr. Hello Kitty has a mischievous smirk.


Stay tuned for our next show featuring more useless things from the 99 cents store!


Gata said...

Those things look even funnier on your blog than in the store!

bonnie said...

Funny! I don't know where they come up with half the stuff at 99 cents stores.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

took a sec to get the 'corny tea pot'haha...
Is there a mr. hello kitty?
I really am getting old and out of the loop...