Aug 18, 2005



I got three very cool things yesterday - one is a 60 gb ipod for my anniversary. As I held it in my hand I expected to hear music and turn into a black dancing sillouette...(that would be awesome). But it didn't happen. I still have yet to load music into it. One of the things I must listen to first, is that song by U2 in all the ipod commercials and "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet. Yep, that's how it has to be christened. Now...I'm just in love with it. I'm one of the ipod geeks now.


Anyway, I also was given the Zagat book for So. Florida. Cool, huh? Only those with a refined snobby NY palate will be able to appreciate this! Now I can find all the good eats. I must have access to a good Thai place...

And lastly I was given a beautiful bracelet. It has multicolored stones and is oh so dainty. I'm afraid I'm going to bang my wrist and break it as I did other bracelets, sadly. But they were cheap so I didn't care.

So that's the 3rd year anniversary present rundown. I had an wonderful time last night...eating my favorite pasta dish in Lighthouse park.


Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Happy anniversary !
Good for you on your Ipod !!!
It is sans doubt a 'don't leave home with out it.
And b.y.w. geeks r the true cool!
You know you can even download the Wt Cd...esp. on the 6gb...of which i am jealous limited to bratty is that!
HEY..Study that Zagats book so that when I come bother you we'll know where to go eat.

markprehiem37546855 said...
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