Aug 4, 2005

Back In The USSR

Well, back in NY now and sorta back into the swing of things.

My visit to Florida was okay...things didn't go so smooth but we did end up closing on the house in the end. Yea! I find myself mixed with so many emotions. I guess it's normal. I stayed in Miami. Miami's okay...just don't compare it to NY or I'll go off on you. This one guy said Miami was like New York, the city that never sleeps. I just stared at him with this blank look on my face. The heat is the thing that will be a little hard to deal with. But like anything, I think I would eventually get used to it. It's been hot these past couple of days in New York, but I've been unfazed by it.

The radio in Florida is not really my cup of tea. I think I need to crack down and get an IPod. In New York, we have Z100 which has a mix of today's pop, 95.5 has mostly 90's stuff, 106.7 has all the light sounds and 103.5 and 102.7 have dance/disco music. And of course there's Hot 97, a station that I never listen to and 92.3 KRock. In Florida, they have the Z100 equivalent. It's 100.7 or something. Anyway it sounds like Z100, except take out any rock songs. Not even pop rock. It's all hip hop. So it's hard to listen to for longer than 10 minutes. Their rock station consists of hard rock that's so hard it's not even cool. The radio stations there are lame. I'm going to have to get satellite radio or something, 'cause I'm gonna die. Not really.

Besides the radio situation, I don't think Florida will be too bad... They're building a lot around the neighborhood I'm moving into. And the conveniences are close by. Near my house they have Costco, (I love to stock up) Publix, (supermarket/drugstore) Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, Applebees, Blockbuster, and 3 strip malls which contain dry cleaners, hair salons, etc... And I haven't even explored that much! Oh yeah, Palm Beach Gardens Mall is close by too. Riviera Beach is's literally 10 minutes away. I think that will be a place for me to seek some solitude...until the heat gets out of hand and I want to go home. I still haven't gone to Palm Beach - it should be gorgeous.

It's going to be a major change for me. I've lived in New York all my life. It's going to be hard to be away from family and friends. I have to get used to driving everywhere. But I think it's going to be a growing experience. Having to transplant your life somewhere else is not easy. We have to make new friends, establish a routine of everyday life, and learn to be on your own completely. I'm going to miss NY terribly also. I love the mixed cultures, the food, and the craziness of life in general. For the first year I'm going to see a movie that has NY in it, and get filled with nostalgia and longing. There's something about the way NY is portrayed in the movies which makes it look so fun to be in NY. I'm going to certainly miss living in my house. I love my backyard and the whole set up. I really didn't mind living in the basement.

But change is good. It's just hard.


Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

there is a mall Sawgrass or something like that, which is great...and I am not a mall person...its got everything...

One thing i have learn in life...
people will do what they have to for their own survival- which means- everyone or thing about NY that has you feeling connected can change...and if you stop your life and experience because of what is might just find alot of loss.
Just think about all the new things you can learn or add to your resume of life by living above ground.
Florida has alot of beautiful flowers, birds...and AC....O and fellow NYERS.

bonnie said...

Yeah, NY is cool, but they do make it look much more glamorous on tv/in the movies. The reality is it can be great anywhere on this planet and it can be awful anywhere...anywhere on this whole amazing planet earth can be home. The whole place is a gift given to us, and we have yet to really experience its full beauty.
OK enough with my poetics

niki :) said...

it'll be an adjustment yes but you two are the type of people who will realize and appreciate the positive aspects of your new home and enjoy more circling for hours for parking spaces (think of how that adds up over a year!) more risking your life trying to walk/drive on ice...the beaches, the beaches, and of course, the beaches! and definitely look up antonio and sam in port st lucie...