Sep 18, 2006

Pulled Over

I got the windows of my car tinted – dark. Really dark. I got them done in Miami, and was told that Florida cops don’t really bother with tinted windows – at least not like in New York. So I went with it, & I was really enjoying driving around with my drug dealer windows. It helps keep the car cool in the brutal Florida sun. I was told not to roll down the windows for at least 3 days.

The very next day, (you just knew there had to be a twist) I was driving down I-95 on my way home and this State Trooper was on a tint hunt. He was finished with pulling someone over, and when I whizzed by, he took off after me. First of all, I was going too fast – but so was everyone else around me. He drove up alongside me, saw my windows and flicked on his lights. I’ve been pulled over before, but just not on a highway. So I made my way to the shoulder and turned to Anthony and asked: “Do I have to roll down my windows?” Sick. Anyway, he pulls me over, brings this tester thingy and said that legally in the state of Florida, car windows are to be no less than 28%. He put his tester to my windows and said they were 3%. Dag, were they really that dark? He gave me a citation and said I would get a discount of $20 WHOLE dollars if I would fix the tint. He let me off for speeding.

I learned my lesson; I will not leave my windows up if I see a State Trooper. I passed by some cops by my neighborhood and they didn’t really care…

Ah, the price of vanity!

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Gata said...

You'd think they'd have worse violations to look drunk drivers? Paris Hilton is still out there!