Oct 23, 2006

Lost Blog

I can’t even begin to tell you how upset I am that my blog post was lost. Its something I put time in, that is now floating who knows where. I should start saving them, as a separate document before publishing. Oh well. Anyway, things here are going well. The quietness is such a welcome change to my busy hectic life in NY. We’ve been back and forth for so long, so to know that I’m not going anywhere for a while is a relief.

Like I was saying in my lost blog post, I’m not one for big goodbyes. In my eyes, it’s not really goodbye anyway, as much as it is “see you later”. I may visit, or you may visit. I hope you do get to visit, because I love visitors and this should be a cheap little getaway. In the time that we’ve had this house, I’ve already had a number of guests and hope to add more to the list: My friend Gata, my aunt Bernie, my Mom, my Grandma, my aunt Anabelle, Erica & Aaron, Anthony’s Dad, Anthony’s cousin Wilbur from Nicaragua, Karin, more of Anthony’s family members and their friends: Rafael, Ania, Bryan, Esmeralda, Anita, Juan Carlos, as well as guests in our leave: the South African family who are now in Costa Rica (Lebeau & Bodine, if you’re reading, I better hear excellent Spanish rolling off your tongues!) and lastly Ruth & her mom Mary. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone. Ha.

I am the Queen of Procrastination, as my closet is finished, and I have lots of clothes to hang or put in a pile for giveaway. I still don’t have a bedroom set (although I do have a mattress) because I’m so darn picky. I’m loving my Senseo Coffee machine. Ruth and her mom bought us a garbage can from Costco. The lid opens with the wave of your hand. It’s cool. It felt so weird driving to the drugstore this morning. Suburban life is strange. I got a new Thai spot and an Italian spot. The Italian spot is great, the Thai is ok – not Thai Pavilion, but it would have to do for now. Mmm I’m hungry now. I got this reed oil diffuser to put in my bathroom – I love it. It's October and it's still stinking hot.

Little by little, everything is coming together. I just have to force myself to do a little each day.


k said...

sounds exciting, actually--brand new house, all the brand new things and the SUN. no more S.A.D.!!

stevie- mono no aware said...

I am so happy for you that you are finally HOME,
As there is no place like it.
Little by little, each space will be filled with the essence of you and your man and two beast. (Well, hopefully not the guest room.)
I haven't had that since Colorado, not being an urbanite by nature my place or sense of place is in the country. I think the tranquility of the natural world with all its blissful sounds, calm a chaotic mind...filled with too many thoughts. Living in the city you have the infiltration of the masses into your physche...errrrrrrrrrrrr.
Maybe I can click my heels and get there.