Oct 30, 2006

Trim Spa, Baby!

I have my own version of Trim Spa: The Stomach Virus! Thanks to the old but trusty sickness, I have lost 5lbs in just a few days. Record! Thanks for making me sick, stomach virus.
On a better note, I had a good weekend full of activity. Shopping, friends, food...but didn't touch my pile of clothes that is still on my floor. My closet is just screaming for somebody to fill it's shelves & hangers. But it can wait. I have mastered the art of procrastination.


Gata said...

Procrastination, the Gata Legacy.

Glad you got something out of being ill. Or lost something anyway.

You know I have a Lost Blog now, too? *)^@*! Picasa

k said...

It's actually pretty sick (pun!) that we appreciate the weight loss that comes with illness, but I too have found myself admiring the re-emergence of my collar bone after losing a few. Feel better!