Oct 19, 2006

Pinch an Inch

I've gained a little bit of weight, noticeably to myself. You know how you have this feeling that something just ain't right when you wear your clothes, but you ignore that little voice...then when you get on a scale, it's like Ooooooh! Sudden awareness and self consciousness that will be with you until you drop the poundage. I mean, people say they can't tell, but I definitely can tell. It's annoying. I blame it all on when I was training for two weeks; I had to eat out all the time. And just in the past summer months I had lost some considerable weight, so the gain is really not cool. I don't really have that much of a sweet tooth, so hopefully just eating a little less than usual will help. I'm not ready to join a gym just yet as I am still settling. I don't really believe in diets, I believe in eating smaller portions, more often during the day so as to not binge when you are starving. They play soccer over here which is wonderful. I definitely will be going weekly to get my game on. Ha!


Gata said...

Hello! You can swim- the best way to exercise!!! But soccer sounds like fun.

You know when everyone realizes you've gained weight? When you lose it again. You go back to normal weight, and everyone asks if you've lost weight.

October's when I usually lose a few pounds, because it's my favorite walking weather. You got the beach, though.

k said...

I hear ya (hello--college diet!). But yeah, you have pleny of things to do outdoors that'll make excercise effortless.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Better to pinch one inch then several.

BonBon said...

DEFINITELY not noticeable!