Nov 21, 2006


I went here last night: Paul

From the moment I walked in, I could see that this bakery was a nice French bakery/cafe with an authentic feel. The decor is very warm & inviting. And it really did feel like I was in Europe - but for a moment.

I ordered a hot chocolate and a strawberry tart. I found, (much to my dismay) that the hot chocolate was comparable to a Swiss Miss packet with water, and the tart's crust was really hard. I found myself describing Marie Belle's hot, thick aztec chololate...ahh...nothing will ever compare.

The decor was lovely. After learning that there were 3 bakery/cafe's in the USA (only in FL), I could see how the decor was chain friendly. What do I mean by that? Well, the decor felt a little contrived. What could I expect, they want you to feel like you are in Europe and you do...sort of. But thinking back to Le Sans Souci's rustic French decor, I can't help but prefer that naturalness...the quality that you just can't duplicate.

I am willing to go back again, and give them another chance. Maybe try a quiche instead of a tart. (Jean Piero's mini fruit tarts were really good). Man, NY spoiled me! I feel like a snob. Anyway, if you come over, I'll take you there and you can make your own judgements!


Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Totally hear what your saying. NY does make us have more discerning taste in just about everything.
When we moved to Colorado...we were so critical and probably appeared snobbish. We are spoiled here by the best. (one chinese place served spagetti instead of noodles)
French sells...and unfortunally alot of folks can't tell true French from commerical. We have a new pastessirie here Le Petite Prince that is 'wonderful' and they have thick thick chocolate.
I am sure there are good shops in South beach Miami. There are alot of French there.
But in the mean time, have fun explore your new domain...and we'll be ther soon to check it out.

Gata said...

Le Petite Prince is fantastic! Haven't had their new teas or hot chocolates yet though...