Nov 2, 2006

Gloomy Day

Today is a gloomy day for Florida. It's quite welcome, since everyday it's sunny. But it makes time go by

I used my Lush shampoo bar the other day. I'm so in love. I just love soaps and stuff. Its an addiction. I have to seriously go through my crap and start giving little away. It's bad to accumulate more than you can use. Sometimes I think I should have been one of those people who test products. I would love that job. (It's probably not as fun as I think it is). Maybe I should shove it all in the other bathroom and tell people to use them as amenities like in a hotel.


k said...

I like the second idea and I'm sure any prospective guests will too. ;)

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Its been gloomy in NYC too. And when its like that I get the feeling as if there is not going to be enough time.
I would say--go ahead use all your 'extras' as amenities for guest...but then again I'd have my own interest at heart.
U know what drives me crazy---makeup. I have so much--because I have a fetish for cosmetics, believe it or not...and I buy and buy and years later discover them since I never used them and they get stockpiled with more useful items. Can't think of how many tubes of lipstick I have and yet I only use one or two at best.

.:.marie.:. said...

Steph, I didn't know you had a cosmetics fetish? I don't even want to go there either. But at least makeup takes less room.
I think I will put some stuff in the other bathroom. Come on over, people!

BonBon said...

I am such a bath and body productaholic, so I can relate. I have a whole dresser drawer full of soap, lotion, cream, shower gels, scrubs, etc. (aside from what's in my bathroom). I think it has to do with the feeling of pampering yourself, smelling and looking good. Not to mention the way it's all marketed; I'm a sucker for packaging. When will I possibly use it all? It's ridiculous, but fun.

Gata said...

Don't worry, I'll use your crap!!!

Testing products does sound like fun, but it comes with a price. I wanted to be a tea tester, but then I found out that those people can't use scents or lotions, etc, or eat spicy foods. The latter I could deal with, but don't mess with Lush man!

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Gata is so sick funny.
Do u want my crap too?
About the makeup---thats whats so bizarre. And I do the same thing with moisturizers....I won't even mention what happens with them over time.
O and lets not get started with cleaning products.....ha.
Girls...we are a merry spoiled bunch huh?
The thing that is so ironic is all of us have had less then ideal lives...yet were little princesses.
OK... Some of us are Queens...and I am not just thinking of you Gata.
(I am looking in the mirror)