Jan 23, 2007

Hair Acceptance

There comes a time in every girl's life where she learns to accept her hair for what it is. When I was younger, actually in first grade to be exact, I remember saying that I wanted "brown wavy hair." Well, when puberty hit, my straight black hair gradually turned wavy. Gave me a whole new meaning on the saying: "Be careful what you wish for!" I said I wanted wavy, not frizzy!

Anyway, during my teen years I discovered getting your hair blown straight. I did it a lot. Also I did it myself occasionally but it was a real chore. Once I even used a mild relaxer. Recently I discovered the Chi ceramic flattening iron. That thing is magic. I could wash my hair at night - air dry my hair and spend 20 minutes in the morning running the Chi through it. It really does wonders. However too much straightening always damages your hair so I don't do it as often as I used to.

I do different hairstyles once in a while, sometime I set it in rollers, sometimes I have it straight and most of the time I have it natural. Like I said earlier, there comes a time (some later than sooner) where you learn to accept, if not like your hair. And after years of fighting it, I have to say I have come to accept my unruly locks. Guess it may be a matter of just finally learning how to deal and what products to use, etc.


stevie- mono no aware said...

the way I have tried to look at myself is ," I 'm stuck with what I got" so one learns to work with it. I regret that I lacked confidence enough to just be and not care for myself for myself.
I too have that iron and love it...videl sasson turned me on to it. I was told it does not damage your hair because of the ceramic nature of it. Maybe you can dry your hair naturally and use it afterwards amd dag 20 minutes ...WOW!.
alas...now that I am older..my no flaws are not easy to accept. I diffinitely want a chin tuck and some plastic surgery for scars and liposcution

Gata said...

Your hair almost never looks frizzy (to me). We're always a bit more crictical of our own hair - I've struggled with tangles my whole life. Not long ago someone told me I had the most beautiful hair - and they didn't want anything from me so I guess it was a compliment. On bad hair days I wonder if my hair admirers are visually impaired. I've always wanted shiny straight hair, but yes, those ceramic irons are miracle workers.

Stevie, your hair is lovely.

.:.marie.:. said...

Thanks Gata.

Wait a minute, Steph! You have GREAT hair! So shiny and dark and straight!

I forgot to mention, my half sister has the most awesome to die for loooong straight black hair. Last time I saw her, she had red on her ends. It looked gorgeous and superhero like.

BonBon said...

Marie, I think your hair is lovely. I actually like curly/wavy hair, when cut in the right layers, the amount of body we can get is super sexy ;)
But I can understand the desire to experiment w/different hairstyles, as I straighten my hair sometimes, too. It's nice to have the versatility, and silky, straight hair is awesome, too.