Jan 14, 2007

Where Do I Begin?

A lot has happened in the past few days. A lot of positive things. For one, my mom's visiting, and I'm just really enjoying having her. She's also made some friends here and its good to know she's having a good time. Also, on a whim, I went back to the furniture store just to see if they had any new arrivals. And they did. I fell in love with a bed that I never thought I would find in this price range. So I ordered it. That brought on a mad rush to prime and paint my room because it was to be delivered in two days. Can you believe it, we primed and painted in two days. We had to do two coats of prime because the beige was really strong. Also, I found this perfect blue called "Blue Mesa" by Ralph Lauren paint. At first I thought it was too light, but after it dried, it was just perfect. I also had molding put up in the room - what a difference it makes! Also, my mom and I have been working out. We do 20 minutes of cardio, and I'm going to be doing strength training every other day. I forgot how good it felt to work out. I haven't worked out regularly in about 2 or 3 years! They say exercising releases those happy endorphins - which I need. I'm not looking to drop a lot of weight, as I have a really hard time giving up certain foods. So slowly loose ends are being tied....finally I have a bed. Time to celebrate. My Japanese Maple is tricked by the weather and is now budding - spring came early.


Gata said...

Looks Lovely!

stevie- mono no aware said...

I love the bed frame. And the color looks beautiful..does it have such lilac hints? I think your mom is not going to want to return here...it sounds so good.