Jan 3, 2007

Financial Advice

Here are my two cents regarding purchases specifically dealing with women trying to be frugal. I've been guilty of this plenty of times, and hope this helps in your decision making process when making purchases big or small.

Whether its a flat iron, or a sink mat - it sometimes is more economic to go with the top of the line, more expensive choice. Why? Because I always get the cheaper one, thinking it will suffice and end up being disappointed and spend more money on getting the better one anyway. So in the end I spend more.



stevie- mono no aware said...

Wise advise. The wt. actually had an article on purchasing and advised that buying quality that cost more...last longer and in the end saves you or your pocket.

Gata said...

That's like investment dressing...instead of buying at the cheapie stores a bunch of trendy rubbish that will fall apart real quick, have a smaller and more efficient wardrobe with a few extras for fun. I should talk.

.:.marie.:. said...

You know, this may seem boring or dull to you, but I just went to one of Macy's sales, and you can get a dress that used to be $140 for $30 bucks. I'm not into department store clothing, but for investment pieces it's really good. I bought 3 dresses and some skirts.

Gata said...

Macy's is good this time of year for sales. I just wore pants that I bought there in 2001 that are still functional.