Feb 26, 2007

Oh My....

I have two days left to pack. First for NYC, then for the Philippines trip. Agggghh! Procrastination! I did get somethings done, I shopped for the necessary items: Shampoo, comfortable pj's, a travel neck pillow...okay, maybe they are not so necessary. But it's fun to shop whatever the reason.

I'll be gone for a while so I have to make sure my bills are paid. I will bring my laptop and whenever I'm at my cousin's house, I'll have Internet (yea!) so I'll be able to update my blog and keep you updated with pictures and stories. It's not like the old days where we go away and completely drop off the map. Oh, and I got DVDs for my video camera. Should be fun. A real culture shock!

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Gata said...

Looking forward to the Philippines 2007 video....though I still think London 1998 was the instant classic...(with or without Mr. Strawberry)