Apr 12, 2007

Marie's Hot/Not List - April 2007

I like reading about things that are "hot" or "in the moment" in magazines and I decided to write up my own little hot/not list...sharing the things that are time saving and useful to me. Don't go crazy and buy all the things I talk about!

Burning scented oil at home.....HOT. Invest in an inexpensive oil burner that uses tea lights. (Mine is a pretty carved soapstone one...$4.95 at Walmart). They fill the room instantly with warm inviting fragrance. Not hot? Aerosol sprays. They don't last long and they smell pretty lame.

Herbal Essences - "None of Your Frizziness" shampoo and conditioner. HOT! I like to wear my hair wavy or straight, so I can't bring myself to clutter my bathroom with a shampoo/conditioner for curls and a shampoo/conditioner for straight hair. This way whatever the style, my hair is smooth. Not hot? Shampoos for "normal hair" - what is normal anyway? Our locks deserve more specialized attention.

DVR for TV - HOT!!!! I record shows to watch at my convenience and skip all the commercials. Not hot? Recording on VHS tapes...sorry guys.

Shaving razors that eliminate your need for shaving cream - HOT!!!! Excellent for travel, and excellent in general for everyday use. Ever run out of shaving cream when you need to shave? I've been in this scenario more than once. Instead of grabbing the nearest bottle of conditioner, these razors have it all...and they work great. Not hot? Disposables - ouch!


Gata said...

Hot minds think alike! I got some of them Herbal Essences products just this week - and I got hair compliments in surplus since then- yay!

stevie- mono no aware said...

i agree on the dvr ...time saver!
and i love the shavers with the strip of cream...
thats a good price for the oils.
body shop sells them for 20.

stevie- mono no aware said...

dvr --hot
razors with strip- hot
jude law--hot

.:.marie.:. said...

Yeah, also Walmart sells the oils for $2.97 each...so I got two, one called Green Tea and one called China Rain I think. I have to go back and get Lavender.

What's this about Jude Law? I didn't mention him anywhere! Ha ha. Yeah, he's pretty hot - only thing is his "real life" character is a turn off.

stevie- mono no aware said...

just my ADD going on a tangent.