Apr 10, 2007

Photo Project

I have years of photos that I need to frame and display. One project I started on, is getting a bunch of framed photos and displaying them up a staircase. Seems simple enough...yet it's daunting for me. I want it to be family, friends...a collection of photographs that go together as well as give visitors a sense of warmth. My home needs a sense of identity. Whenever I visit someones house or apartment, seeing pictures on their wall remind me that the people I'm visiting have a life, history, love. So far I framed two pictures, and have yet to hang them once I get more frames. In this digital age, I've gotten used to dumping photos on my hard drive but never really printing them anymore, so I need to get some shots printed. What I think I'm going to do is, buy frames, plan their arrangement, hang them w/o prints and it will give me motivation to get those empty frames filled. Besides, I do have the photographs.

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Gata said...

Sounds like a plan!