Sep 17, 2008

Green Cleaning

Clorox came out with a natural plant based cleaning line...not sure weather it's effective or not...but amongst all the harsh chemicals in cleaning products, I'm looking to give it a try. Although, in my experience, the best things to have on hand to clean are Ajax, Windex, and an antibacterial all purpose cleaner to wipe down surfaces. For floors, I use Pine Sol. I do not think a Swiffer (not swifter as some people pronounce it) totally replaces a mop. I think it's good for maintenance though. Clorox has a bathroom cleaner...but the description does not include removal of mildew. I have yet to find a mildew cleaner which fumes don't kill me. Method has a nice line of non-toxic products also...they just tend to be a bit pricey unless you find it on sale. You can totally tell I've been cleaning.

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Gata said...

White vinegar is a really good natural cleaner. You can wash windows and even floors with it (if you don't mind the kitchen smelling like salad!) The show "How Clean is Your House" is good because it tells you all the natural cleaning ingredients you already have in your home (lemon is big on the show.)