Sep 17, 2008

Misc. Post

I have a bunch of floating random thoughts that I never bothered to blog about, but now that I have a little time on my hands, I figured I'd get 'em all out now that I have the chance.

First thing, if you ever buy Listerine's Whitening Rinse, I must strongly warn you to be careful about how long you swish that stuff in your mouth. I had it before, but always rinsed for maybe 20-30 seconds and had no problems. Well, recently I had bought another one and read on the back that it instructed to swish for 60 seconds. So I did it. BAD IDEA. I lost my sense of taste for 2 was dreadful, the tip of my tongue tasted nothing. It was bad.

Moving on

A few years back, there were coupons from Bath & Body Works (that we totally abused) that were circulating. It gave us a free aromatherapy product with ANY purchase. Dangerous words. We used it for all it's worth. We would buy a $1 glycerin soap and walk away with "Sleep" "Energy" "Sensual" "Stress Relief" lotions, massage oil, bubble bath, shower gel, you-name-it products. I mean, we went nuts - but it was so much fun. Well recently, a friend of mine was wearing the "Sensual" lotion, and it just gave me memories...but the scent was really really soothing. So I went back to Bath & Body Works looking for a sale or special but found none. Not long after I got my hands on some coupons, so I got the "Sleep" shower gel and lotion...Mmmm. I do believe in aromatherapy...I think it calms us down. Now before bed, I sometimes would spray a calming mist and I'm out like a light. It doesn't work with every single scent though...some scents will wake you up. But there is nothing like a warm bath with lavender and vanilla tones. I prefer a moisturizing bubble bath as opposed to bath salts...

I recently was in a wedding, so that moved me to buy MAC foundation. I really liked the coverage it gave me. I also bought some other MAC's hard not to go over budget in that store! I think I'm at the beginning stages of a MAC junkie...the worst part of shopping at MAC is that it's such a guilty pleasure, you walk away with the guilt of how spending more than you wanted to. I still use my Bare Escentuals makeup. It feels really light and you don't feel like you're clogging your pores with liquid paint. I like makeup...but really really like quality makeup.

I have a lot of stuff to do at's annoying when you feel like you're cleaning some area for the hundredth time! never ends. If there's people over, and I spot a dust bunny in the corner, I'm embarrassed. So I constantly go NUTS cleaning before I have visitors. I'm so weird because as much as I love a clean house, I lack motivation sometimes...but when I start doing it, I get on a roll and somehow find the energy. I don't mind vacuuming, but hate mopping. UGH. I have to go to Costco today to get some stock items, like toilet tissue and paper towels and pick up the dreaded 40lb kitty litter. Those darn cats better appreciate me. Plus I scoop their poop. All they do is make a mess in my house. When they fight, they leave hair chunks. On my counters I see their paw's like they rule my house!! Can't stand it anymore.

With all that said, I'm off to get some things done...I probably should pick up some "Stress Relief" products, ha.


Gata said...

They discontinued some of my favorite aromatherapy items at Bath and Body Works, pretty much right after I ran out of my freeloading coupon spree. Still love Jasmine Vanilla, it's very sensual.

Kitties do leave quite a trail. I can scrub my apartment through, and as soon as company comes over a big chunk of Zenobia's first comes rolling out of a corner like tumbleweed. It's a nevereending battle.

.:.marie.:. said...

I hate when my favorite scent is discontinued! Oh well. Yeah, Jasmine Vanilla is awesome. I'm waiting for a coupon...I'm going to get the body wash and lotion.

I cleaned my bathroom yesterday and noticed how many products I's like I can't focus on using one thing at a time until it's done. I have ADD when it comes to that. Because of the clutter, I put them all out and decided whenever I was going to take a shower I can just take in w/ me whichever product(s) I'm going to use.

Bonnie said...

I have WAY too many bath and body products, too. It's ridiculous. I have a candle fr. Bath and Body works w/that Sensual smell and it's really soothing.

I've been using MAC Studio Fix for probably about 5 years and love it. I tried Bare Minerals earlier this year, trying to be more natural, but I have to say, I really like MAC better (and I feel bad coz they probably test on animals, but there's the price I pay for vanity...)

Thanks for the mouth wash warning: SCARY! Who wants to lose their sense of taste, that's awful!

Yeah, dust bunnies are embarrassing. I've had my share of discreetly picking up the things while company was over. It's a constant process, the whole cleaning, maintenance of a home. Esp. when there's furry friends about. Since Bubuck's back w/us, there seems to be a constant sprinkling of litter on the bathroom floor (really annoying in bare feet). I keep a small brush and dustpan right near the bathroom to constantly never ends. But the Bubuck milk mustache makes up for all inconvenience.

.:.marie.:. said...

I've used MAC's Studio're talking about the powder right? Gata bought one too one day when she was with me. I think she still has some left! Right now I use the Studio Fix liquid...but during the week I use the powder, it's much lighter.

Have you tried using a rubber litter mat to help with tracking? It's useful, after a few days, you just dump the sand back in. And it keeps the sand contained and not spread all over. :)