Sep 9, 2008

He Delivered Me...Literally

I needed to lookup my birth certificate for something, and I realized that I could google the MD who delivered me. I found him easilly - it seems he is still practicing in Forest Hills, NY! I'm pretty sure it's him, because he's practicing Obstetrics near the hospital I was delivered in.

I wanna meet him, is that strange?? Lol...maybe he'll welcome the visit over 20 years later of an infant he helped bring into the world. Or maybe he'll meet me with indifference. I think part of why I want to meet him, is because I actually never met my father - so being that this is someone I have a link to, it somehow seems cool...although don't get me wrong, I'm not likening this to meeting my father.

It probably won't even's just a funny thought. :)

1 comment:

Gata said...

Well, that is kind of personal. The first person you came in contact with outside (literally) of your mother.