Jan 12, 2009

Feeling Blue

I'm really feeling blue...that is, the color of this blog! Yeah, I changed the template and like this one a lot. The pink one didn't really feel right. What I like about this template and the last one, is the 3 columns. When searching for templates, I really didn't like the ones with right navigation. I like it on the left for some reason.

Anyway, my favorite show Lost is coming back this month, also Fringe. Here is an alternate ending to last season of Lost. Yeah, if it were Sawyer, that will KILL the ratings next season, LOL! I'm not sure if all the new stuff from last season is sitting well with me...all the new characters, the past and future flash backs - the future ones make me kinda uneasy, as well as the creepy visits from Island folk. I just saw a few minutes of a rerun of the episode where Sun had her baby and we learn of Jin's fate. It totally sucks. But I'm still hooked. Oh well.

And for those who haven't seen this yet, it's totally sad yet hilarious at the same time...it's a remix of "I'm Walking On Sunshine" Starring Allison from Intervention.

1 comment:

Gata said...

I like the blue! It's more cheerful somehow than the pink.

It's like I'm walking on sunshine!