Jan 19, 2009

Tag, You're It!

I got "tagged" on a note on Facebook, where a friend wrote 20 random facts about herself. You're supossed to write 20 things about yourself, then tag 20 other people.

Just thought I'd share what I wrote on this blog...

1. I am a born procrastinator. This list was supposed to be done yesterday.

2. I am afraid of change, yet when it comes I endure gracefully.

3. Although I’ve been through a lot of uncertainty, I’ve learned a lot from being outside my comfort zone.

4. I learned to read at the age of 3 ½, skipped Kindergarten and was put in 1st grade top class after reading in front of the Principal. (Don’t know if they have “top class” anymore).

5. I am a neat freak…yet sometimes the house gets messy. I procrastinate and don’t clean it for a while, and then I get my days with bursts of energy where I clean for hours.

6. I fear childbirth, and the thought of a child changing my life forever. If it happens, it WILL be planned, and still then, I will probably be terrified…I fear the unknown.

7. I miss my husband when he’s away, but thoroughly enjoy my time alone.

8. My nickname used to be brat. USED to be.

9. When I’m flipping channels, and see Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, or Girls Next Door – I can’t help but watch the train wrecks…

10. I’ve done some traveling in my lifetime – Canada, England, Wales, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Philippines – that’s 10 countries…(I’m probably forgetting one) stopped over in Taiwan, and whilst on a train from Paris to Rome we drove through Switzerland – does that count as 11 and 12? I love travel and suffer from the travel bug from time to time. I have a lot of new countries that I would like to explore…but am dying to go back to Italy.

11. I’ve slept at a hostel while traveling.

12. I’m going to take motorcycle lessons one day and surprise my husband…well, it won’t be a surprise if he sees this.

13. I used to draw and write poetry as a teenager while locked up in my room. I miss doing creative things sometimes.

14. I still write in a journal…I contemplate burning my collection just in case I die. I don’t really read my past entries…

15. I met quite a few celebrities while living in NY.

16. Grunge or Hip Hop? I was “Grunge” for a few years in H.S.

17. I accidentally ran over a kitten in my driveway. I was traumatized for a few…

18. I have a half sister who looks a lot like me, since she is also half Dominican and Filipino and we are a month apart. I also have a bunch of half bro’s and sisters that I have never met, including my own father.

19. I love Karaoke, and have some cherished memories of singing in Chelsea Piers…why oh why did that have to end?

20. I love makeup and makeup sales. I recently spent $2 bucks on a brand name eye pencil. Oh yeah, and I am a product junkie…my bathroom is STOCKED.


Gata said...

13: Why don't you still do creative things sometimes?

By the way, did you copy the list from somewhere and edit your info in, or did you do it from scratch?

.:.Marie.:. said...

Uh...because I'm too busy! And any left over time, I'm probably watching TV. Yeah, I have to get back into doing creative stuff.

What happened was, Tammy tagged me - so I read hers...I did mine from scratch - but still touched on similar topics like travel and karaoke.