Dec 29, 2006

M - A - T - T - R - E - S

And leave off the last "s" for savings.

I got my mattress switched out for a firmer one. I spent a while going from bed to bed at the Mattress place. Those decisions are like the worst for me. At the end of the day, every bed started to feel the same. It was especially hard after laying on this luxury bed called "Pranasleep" which is latex foam. The sales guy said it was $3700, I was like Ooookay moving on! But I finally chose this firm mattress, and it was obviously right for me because I slept like a rock. I did not wake up for anything in the middle of the night. So I'm happy. Now for the bed frame itself...I need a bedroom set, I'm just too darn picky! And dang, bedroom sets are pretty pricey!

1 comment:

Gata said...

To me mattress shopping is like shopping for vitamins. Boring but important.