Nov 1, 2007


Covent Garden

These "people" umbrellas (Above) were in Octopus...a cute store with funky colored useful items (I think from France). The workers inside the store were interesting looking themselves...although I think they were dressed for Halloween. Anyway, back to the umbrellas. The handle is "boots" and they have heads. So folded, it looks like a doll or something. The one you can clearly see is the Alien, but the one I want is the red one, the head is decorated with black flapper hair and red lipstick. Real cute. I didn't impulse buy, it was 12 Pounds, so I decided to wait until towards the end of my trip to pick up some cutesy things. I already got a small change purse from Accessorize and a large prop up travel mirror from Boots.

Another shop I fancied (hee hee) was David & Goliath. I know we used to sell some of their stuff in Lord of The Fleas back in the day, so I refrained from buying anything. I later checked online and saw loads of things on sale, so I indulged a bit. Hey! At least I wasn't spending Brittish Pounds!!

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