Nov 1, 2007

Taryn Simon, Thai Pubs & a Wandering Fox

En route to Leicester Square, I stumbled upon a photography exhibit and after seeing "Free Admission" at the door, I walked right in. It was an American Photographer from NY (not surprising) and her exhibit was based on things going on in America behind the scenes. The real title was "Taryn Simon: An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar"

It was quite interesting over all...seeing the confiscated food room in JFK Airport was cool, but one picture that sort of disturbed me was of a mentally retarded white tiger. The caption stated that in the US, all white tigers are inbred to achieve the white coat, pink nose & blue eyes. The one in the picture was a "bad product". It had a smushed in nose and due to that, it had problems breathing and closing it's mouth. It's forearms were deformed so it walked with a limp. The others in his litter were not considered good either. I thought that was awful. Why do they have to breed the tigers? Either import a natural one from abroad, or don't have any at all! Does America have to have everything? Poor tiger freak!

On a better note, I went to dinner last night - had Thai food in a PUB. Yes, that's right - this is England of the future! Pubs serving Thai. The food was good! The other night we had walked from Liverpool Street over London Bridge to experience Wagamama's. An Asian noodle joint. It was a good experience. Only thing that was slightly annoying was the picnic tables. But we were seated next to a wall so it was a little more private. And I love the fact that over here we don't have to tip as much. Back in US, I don't even want to go out due to the extra money spent on tax & tip. If you ever do go, I'd say visit the London Bridge location, it's built under a rail bridge and is a really awesome spot, with the dark, windy, small cobblestone streets and packed pubs at every corner.

Another weird animal sighting - You know the other day I saw Parakeets in a tree, well last night we saw a young fox wandering the streets. I've never even seen a fox before! What will I see next?

Anyway, I have to get going now. Tonight we are going to Paris via EuroStar and I have to pack a few things. We are going for 4 days. We're actually going to try to book a sleeper rail to Rome and use 2 of our days there. We'll see what happens. If not, 4 days in Paris is still good!


Gata said...

Thai in a pub...that's why I love London. Reminds me of the pub in Southall that was playing a Bollywood movie on its TV screens.

I love these descriptions, keep them coming! Have the best time in Paris!

bonnie said...

Sounds like so much fun!

And yes, I agree about the tipping. Other countries have it better (I hate tipping unless I really feel like I got GOOD service).

Poor smoosh nosed tiger, though :(