Nov 9, 2007

Travelocity STINKS - Beware!

I should have known better than booking my flight with Travelocity. The agent on the phone failed to advise me that on my connecting flight back home there would be an AIRPORT CHANGE. Not just JFK to LGA, but JFK to Newark airport on a Sunday night! Impossible! They do NOT provide a shuttle service. Plus I would have to get out, go through customs, pick up my bags, get a cab or somebody to drive me to NJ (on a Sunday evening mind you) check in my bags, go through security all over again and be at my gate in a couple hour's time. Not happening.

I tried calling Travelocity to change the ticket and they first were blabbing about some "change fee" but when they saw I had already flown to my first destination they said they could NOT CHANGE A THING DUE TO THEIR POLICIES. Da heck? They STINK. And I want everybody to hear it.

I hope that roaming gnome croaks!!!!!!!!!!!

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.:.marie.:. said...

UPDATE: I called Continental myself and got my flight switched. Since they're partnered up with Virgin Atlantic, I flew home in the many comforts and perks that Virgin had to offer.

Watching 4 movies in a 10 hour flight = PRICELE$$