Oct 15, 2008

New Layout

I found this blog that has free Blogger templates and decided to give it a try. Her designs can be found here. I was bored of what I had, and didn't like the other templates so I found this site. I uploaded this one and was going to change it, but Blogger had a scheduled outtage last night so I didn't get to do it. The other one I wanted to try was the "My Notes" one. I may try that out for a few days to see if I like it better, because I prefer blue hues...(I'm not that into pink for some reason). Anyway, that's the latest...I'm picking up a friend from the airport tonight, she'll be staying with me for a little while. It will be nice to have some company I guess, I'm so used to my space so a slight adjustment will be necessary. :)

Oh, Maxie update, he's doing much better...I took him to the vet a couple of days ago because he was throwing up a lot...the infection he has is affecting his kidneys. So they gave him some fluids and a shot, I got some perscription dry food and took him home. I bought Pill Pockets to disguise the pill inside a treat because I had a really hard time getting him to open his mouth! So far so good, he's been eating his dry food which I add water to, making it like cereal. He'd much rather have it dry, but at least he's getting some water which he really needs since he doesn't seeem to drink much. When he's done with his meds, I'm going to take him in for a follow up blood test to check his levels...hopefully he'll be fine. I'll keep him on the special dry food to help avoid any future problems. That's about all the exciting news I have...hope things are going well in everyone's world!

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Gata said...

Love the new template (though I'm still hesitant to change my own), and the countown clock!

Hope Maxie is still doing okay. He's a big lump of pills.