Oct 28, 2008

Going To NYC Manana

I'm going to NYC tomorrow, AS USUAL...I still have not packed a single thing. I always tell myself not to pack last minute, but what the heck? I can't seem to get myself to do things ahead of time. Sigh. I'm looking forward to seeing people...(if I have enough time). I wanted a friend of mine to do subtle highlights on me before I left, but she probably doesn't have time 'cuz I didn't hear from her. Oh well. I have someone staying at my place, so she can just feed the cats - works out perfect. NY will have an average of 50's during the week so I'll have to pack a few warm things and a jacket. Should be fine. I can do 50's no problem. If the sun is out, we're all good.

Oh last night I caught a Dr 90210 episode last night and saw Hayley (Dr Rey's wife) on a spoiled-rich-wife rampage about a larger house she wants...and just wanted to SMACK HER! She claims she needs 10,000 square feet - how insane is that? Watch, she'll probably just get her way. He should have married someone who like himself had humble beginnings. Dr Rey, you gotta love him and his nunchucking skills...he is such a nut but very likable. How he ended up with her, I have NO idea. Okay, enough of that.

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Gata said...

It's sad...the real spoiled rich people don't have to foreclose or worry about their retirement going down the drain. Just the "normal" people trying to have something a little better than what they're used to.

*steps off soapbox*

I never watch Dr. 90210, because the best parts usually get covered by The Soup. It's Reality Show Clip Time!