Oct 1, 2008

Our Pet's Heads Are Falling Off! (D&D Reference)

Max. He's been peeing outside the box sporadically for a few months now. I thought it was just bad behavior...until it started to be a daily event. The urine also looked dark. I looked online and found that it could be that he has a urinary tract infection, and associate the box with pain, so they go elsewhere in less desirable places, like on the tile near my front door. I also found that if you mix white vinegar with your cleaning agent, it will neutralize and kill the smell of cat urine. The best tip I got online so far.

I took him to the vet, and they loved him...he was on his best behavior, sniffing around and rubbing love on them. He did indeed have a UTI. They put him on antibiotics, gave him a shot, and gave me special food to give him to balance his PH. He is not touching the wet food, and it is now Day 2...but eventually he should get the point and eat it. I had a scare this afternoon when I thought he may have been blocked because he wasn't urinating, but I locked him in with his litterbox and eventually heard him go. I'm glad he's able to go, because the whole taking him to the vet and getting him flushed would be incredibly expensive. I'm going away for a few days and a friend will stay at my place and "pill him". The only way I get the pill down, is by first giving him a treat, then he's more inclined to open his mouth the second time...ugh, these cats are like children. I never had problems with any cats in my life so this is foreign to me. But also males are more prone to having UTI and FLUTD because of their tiny urethra's. I usually have female cats. Oh well!


Bonnie said...

Poor Max :(
Damn those tiny urethras. ;) When I worked at the vet, we had SO many male cats come in w/blockages and having to catheterize and flush them was painful even to look at; I can only imagine how the poor cats must feel.
Thank goodness he's not blocked. But I hope he recovers from his UTI soon. It's stressful to have to medicate cats. They DON'T like it.

Gata said...

Maxie looks so cute in that pic! It's like he's saying, "who, me?"