May 17, 2012

Invisalign - 1st Week DONE

It's pretty safe to say that by the first week, things are a WHOLE lot better.  I'm on my 9th day, and have 6 more days before I switch to tray #2 of #23.  So exciting!!  I'll probably blog after my first switch.

So just as a recap, days 1-5 are hell.  And now it's pretty much a breeze and part of my life!  I'm getting more and more used to the feeling of it in my mouth, it's less tight so of course there is less pressure and less tension at the end of the day.  When I sit down to dinner, taking them off is a welcome break.  Invisalign is great because I have no restrictions on what I can eat.  I'm brushing and flossing after EVERY meal so my gum health will be impeccable by my next cleaning visit, my hygienist will be pleased!  And I'm no longer biting my cheeks!  Woot woot!

I had to go in the Orthodontist's office the other day to get an attachment re-done on one of my bottom teeth. I read online that they can fall off from time to time.  I was in and out in a matter of 20 mins.  Was happy to have the attachment back on so that my trays will continue to work properly.

Now I am very annoyed with the location of the attachments.  I understand the tooth must rotate but since this is Invisalign, I would expect them to come up with an invisible option.  Like having the attachments on the INSIDE of the teeth.  But, as my husband states on a regular basis, what I go through is NOTHING compared to what he had with regular braces.  I just think mine would be completely unnoticeable.  I have to fight the feeling I have to share with every friend and acquaintance that I'm wearing them.  Maybe they won't notice??? But I do!

About the speech impediment...I think it's still there but greatly reduced.  And I think I notice it more on myself than anyone would.

That being said...even though I'm not finished with this process, if you are considering them, I feel comfortable enough to recommend them.  But research other's final results.  I kind of wish I could change trays each week! I feel like that would expedite the process....but they know what they are let's see how this year goes!  Someone said that this seems like forever, but once you are done it will be like a tiny speck in time.  :-)  I sure hope so!

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