May 10, 2012


So I'm a bit old for I opted for Invisalign braces.  I really got them for my bottom teeth, but my top teeth could use a bit of straitening also.  Plus you need to move both top and bottom anyway so they match.  Now they have technology where they use a handheld wand to scan your mouth - better than waiting for a mold to set but still a bit time consuming and sometimes painful when holding the wand a certain way.  They sent me home with an appointment to come back 2 weeks later.

So yesterday was my first fitting...I sat in the seat and waited for them to give me my braces...when the lady was preparing something...I was like, what is that?  It's bump attachments, to give the braces something to grab onto she said.  Okay, I hope they are hidden somewhere in the back I thought to myself.  NOPE!  She glued on little "bumps" to 6 teeth (3 on each side of my face) top and bottom.  They are to help the teeth rotate. So much for invisible!  I wasn't told about any bump attachments!  If you read a bunch of forums, which I did when I got home, I found out a lot of people aren't told about are fortunate if you have them in the back somewhere, but mines are on the front sides, so it's easy to see.  The Invisalign braces have bumps on them to accommodate the bump or buttons as they are sometimes called.  SIGH.

So after gluing the attachments, they sand them down so they would feel a bit more comfortable in your mouth, for when you take off the braces and actually eat.  They put in the braces...felt tight but not at all painful so I was happy with that.  Showed me how to put them in and out, gave me quick instructions about cleaning and I was on my way.  I am to change them every 2 weeks (I have 5 other replacements with me).  And I was advised it was better to change them at night this way come morning, they will be easier to take in and out.  I took out the last pack and didn't see much of a change...but I'm sure much later, like 15th pack I'll see a major difference.  I also have 2 cases, one for the previous Invisaligns and one for the current. I asked why I had to keep the previous set, they say in case the new set doesn't fit quite right, they would have me keep in the last set for a few days more.  Got it, makes sense.  So off I went!


First thing I noticed, was it felt super weird.  I can't clamp down my teeth at all.  And it felt weird to drink too...which by the way, I could only drink clear liquids with them ON, if not I'll have to take them off.  Pain in the neck?  Yes, but that's the price I pay.

Second thing I noticed was the speech impediment.  Great.  Now I stalk funny.  LOL it's not that bad...but I do notice a huge difference in my pronunciation of things, but thankfully I read I will adjust within a few days or weeks.

Third and most annoying thing to the increase in salivation!  My body thinks I have something in my mouth, therefore I'm constantly salivating!  Drove me crazy by nightfall...but I read your body adjusts in a matter of days or weeks.  I'm waiting!!!

Fourth thing, when you take them out to eat, you start chewing funny...your mouth was getting used to a new position, but then to chew, it starts chewing the old way or somewhere in between and then OW!!!!!!!!!  You just bit your cheek.  I did that a lot and had to make myself chew slower.

Lastly, you must brush your teeth after every meal or snack before you put them in.  If you put them back in without brushing, you will feel icky.  Plaque will build up and you will put your gums in jeopardy.  So yay fun, I have to brush my teeth EVERYWHERE I go.  At work, in restaurants, etc.  I will definitely be doing much less snacking!  Which is great....I'm trying to lose weight anyway.

So last night was my first night wearing them.  I went through a whole ritual, brushing, flossing then pop them back in and went to sleep.  Woke up with them feeling a lot more comfortable.  Needed to have my coffee so I dunked them in denture cleaner and had my coffee.  I was really told to brush them with water or mild soap but I read other people saying denture cleaner worked just fine to keep gunk off.  Gross I know.  I'm going to be OCD about keeping them super sparkly and clean.  Feels odd to have them off but I had my coffee, brushed and put them back in.  I think I will skip right to lunch today!  Such a pain to be brushing all the time.  I think it will be a good habit though.  I bought Colgate's "Optic White" and should have whiter teeth in the process.

I read a girl who blogged about her first week with Invisalign and then she didn't update her progress.  So I will probably glance at a few other blogs today.  Who knows, I might do the same thing.  Ha ha.  I'll try to update with my progress and experience with it.  It's helpful to read other's experiences.

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