May 24, 2012

Invisalign - First Time Switching to New Tray!

So just as these trays were sliding in and out of my mouth with ease, it was time to change them.  I was advised to change them at night, as you will have the whole night when you sleep to get a little used to it.  When I first "tried" it on, I was like YOWWWW that's tiiiiight!  Had a  hard time getting it off too.  When I snapped the bottoms there was even a burst of pain.  Well, I popped them in and went to bed and by morning, they were easier to pop on and off.  Oh, first thing I also noticed about the new trays, is they were cloudy. I put them through 3 minute antibacterial denture cleaner and that did the trick.  Now they advise against using denture cleaner, but I read a lot of blogs and people have used it without a problem.  So I got the 3 minute kind...maybe the people soaking for an hour or more were weakening the plastic.  Not on mine!  No cracks and they come out shiny and clean.  I soak them in the morning while I'm having my coffee, brush and pop back in.

I also read of an increase in cavities (because of lack of natural flow of saliva) which does concern me, but I've been keeping up with the brushing and flossing.  I've never brushed and flossed so much in my life!  I'm making up for lost time I guess.

I was really happy that the new tighter trays did not cause my extra salivation problem I was having at first.  Those first 5 days are hell, but once you get through them, you will realize in time you won't even think about them being in your mouth, and you will appreciate not having metal scratching your mouth!

So, I'm on tray 2 of 23.  I was studying tray 6 and although I can see a slight difference, but not big enough.  I'm impatient man!

Oh, I am definitely keeping all my trays so I can look back at the transformation.  I was looking online to see what people did with their old ones, and found something someone said that literally made me laugh out loud:

"...if I ever want to go back to how I had my teeth originally, I can wear them in reverse order."

I was actually thinking of painting them white so they look like teeth, lol. Maybe the first and the last set. Hmm...we'll see!

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