Mar 29, 2006


I have this misfortune when it comes to new cameras. I happen to take really good care of my things. It's just that something always happens when I get a new camera.

One time, after meeting No Doubt and taking pictures with them, my good friend Gata dropped my camera in all our excitement. It was new at the time, but I really didn't fret. I think I was just more happy that we just met Gwen. And probably more worried about the film we just took. We tried getting it fixed under warranty, but the warranty did not cover problems due to it being dropped. And we couldn't hide the scratches near the problem itself, the flash mechanism. But Gata so nicely paid to have it fixed for me, and that was that. It was really no biggie.

Well, just recently I got a new camera. Last night I had my mom take a picture of me after Erica so expertly did my makeup. (Could I have a make up artist live with me full time!) After snapping the picture, she dropped it. Yeah, you heard right: SHE DROPPED IT! The lens was out, it slammed to the tile floor with this horrible noise that still echoes in my head. I was devastated. One of my buttons gets stuck slightly when pressed and that irked the heck out of me. Anyway, of course the warranty does not cover that so I put it out of my mind for a while and then felt silly after getting so worked up over a material thing. In my clear thinking I took out a metal clip that I had, and worked with the metal surrounding the button. Voila! The button no longer gets stuck.

All in all, I was annoyed that it happened, and that will probably be the last time I ask my mother to take a picture again, but at least the camera is okay - for now.

I really have the worst misfortune when it comes to cameras!

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The fateful picture. Ha ha.


Gata said...

Was the dropping sound as ominous as the karaoke mike being dropped by a child?

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

The makeup looks good..and Dag you look hot or were u literally hot
So much for your furniture. It looks as though its more homey/lived in now then previous shots. Welcome home its saying.
insomnia is horrible theres no question about it. But thing is u can't stress over it--seems u know what u need to do to work with it. Contrary to me who sits and frets over the fact that I can't sleep. HA--not effective.
I am sure once your all relaxed and settled so will your sleep patterns. I mean after all your on new territory. At least you have a nice support system there for the transition.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

No one can look at you now and think you the same little girl who read the bible at the age of 5.
"You are woman hear you roar...."eq.