Mar 14, 2006

It's Finally Happening....

Last night at 12am, Anthony and Dion set out for Florida with all our belongings stowed in a Uhaul truck. The other day, we went to Ikea and bought some things for the house. I couldn't help but feel sad. But it's finally happening, a new chapter is about to begin...

Its funny how a couple of months ago, everyone and their mother was asking "when?" They would usually stop in mid-sentence as they saw my icy glare. For they knew as much as I did at that point.

So when, you ask? Well, the answer is: NOW. It's happening now.



Gata said...

It's not happening til the kitties relocate, that's what I say!

.:.marie.:. said...

Darn kitties! I am afraid to take them. I can see them clawing up the couches (gak) and using their nails on the carpet as they roll around and take in the sun.

For all those allergy sufferers, I am keeping the guest rooms kitty free.

I want to make covers for my little couches in the loft...I wish I could sew...somebody teach me!

BonBon said...

So..when are you moving? ;) Just kidding. Wow, what a change! Will you have any time to get together before you're all completely moved?
Have you ever thought of declawing your kitties? I know it's painful and expensive, but my cats did really well, and my furniture is in better shape.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

whats happening...did u folks leave?
is now 'beginning the begin'.
sewing is easy - get a good book to teach yourself and patience...lots of patience.

.:.marie.:. said...

I'm still guess what? I still don't know when I'm ACTUALLY moving, but at least I know it's happening.

About the kitties, I have thought about declawing...Anthony is completely against it. They never clawed the couch before until I cat-sat their other brother and sister and they learned through bad example. (Well Isabel is the main culprit) I'll have to speak to you about that further.

So yeah, we have to get together before we will be bittersweet. I'm looking forward to my new life, but am afraid of all the unknowns. But I should be okay. Fear paralyzes - it's horrible.

Gata said...

I'm too cheap to declaw my bratty Zeno, but also I'm afraid that she'll get out one day and have to fight off the cats of the block.

If I had nice furniture, though...chop, chop, chop!

.:.marie.:. said...

A year ago I was researching declawing and came accross some horror stories of kitties that died from it!