Mar 14, 2006


I've been meaning to post this for a while now...They are from our last trip. Unfortunately I have lost/misplaced my digital camera and had to take these pics from my camera phone. I guess they will suffice.

Loft loveseat and chaise....
Dining Room Table.
Extends to a full square to accomodate tightly a party of 8.
Elevated, pub style.Pub style kitchen table.

I bought two beds, one twin daybed from Ikea

that has a bottom trundle to accomodate 2 if need be:

Twin Bed w/ Trundle


A queen bed for couples or spoiled brats

who need a lot of room when they sleep: Queen Bed

Both beds are white, but the queen one has a cloth headboard which I could cover with funky fabric to change the look once in a while. So, we're ready for guests! So far I already had Cathy & my aunt Bernie stay with us. At the end of the month, my mom is coming accompanied by Erica and little Aaron. It should be fun...Anthony's dad and cousin are coming shortly after they depart. Man, we haven't even moved and we are having a string of visitors. Is this a foreshadowing of things to come?


Gata said...

I'll have to come visit again before the furniture gets scratched up...haha...seriously, though, before the summer if possible.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

I am throughly confused...Did u already leave?
and don't forget me...your my escape pod from my parents.
I am still could you have left without saying goodbye????????????????????????/

k said...

wow. once you get settled in, you're going to have one awesome house. it's probably going to be sad for you to leave, but it also looks like you have a lot of nice things to look forward to as well.

.:.marie.:. said...

Oh Steph! I wouldn't leave without saying goodbye! I'm still here...but next weekend I'll be gone for the next 3 weeks. So what do you want to do when you want to escape from your parents? Remember I'm like 45 minutes away...I could meet up w/ you - ha ha.

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

I have to come visit before every other guest comes and farts all over the beautiful nice new bed;)

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

For some strange reason--maybe the brain has no more room--when under stress old stuff comes back. But some memories are better left behind. only sure way of keeping them there is keeping busy in forward momentum.
Its funny how sometimes those who were with us in the process of living our past can be our memory.
Like they would remember things we may have forgotten.