Aug 30, 2006

Hurricane Ernesto?

Seems like the reporters have reported everything under the sun. All the possibilities...etc. Well, the so-called Category 3 Hurricane was downgraded to a Tropical Depression. I have never experienced a Hurricane, but I admit was quite curious. Now that it's a just a tropical dep. We'll probably get a lot of wind and rain. Boring!

I'm not complaining. On the otherhand, Anthony found a brand new Bluetooth headset by a bus stop the other day-and sorry to the poor fellow who lost it, but we have been fighting over it all day. We keep connecting our phones to it. I actually hated the way people looked when walking around yaking on their bluetooths as if they were the coolest, but I do admit it is liberating to walk around & talk (with no cord or anything) connected to your cellphone. Kinda looks like Star Trek, except it's on your ear and not pinned to your tight fitting space uniform. But I will make an effort not to look annoying as I'm sitting across from you and smugly chattering away.


Gata said...

Hurricanes are scary, but I guess Floridians are used to it. Blizzards over here are bad anyway.

k said...

Didn't we have a "tropical storm" pass through NY several years ago? The leftovers of some hurricane that hit farther south? I remember I was in 6th or 7th grade and had off of school because of it. Lots of darkness and rain, but it was sort of cool in the same way blizzards are.

BonBon said...

I like your description of people with their bluetooths. Should it be blueteeth? Just kidding ;)