Aug 7, 2006

Stones Taught Me To Fly, Love Taught Me To Cry, Life Taught Me To Die....

I'm really enjoying Damien Rice's album - and just found out yesterday that this album has been out for a couple of years. Where have you been all my life? Ha. It's just so sad that we get bombarded with mainstream crap when all this good stuff is hidden underneath pop madness.

As much as I can appreciate a good beat, nothing really touches me deep inside as singer/songwriter's music. You can hear the passion in their voices, the intensity of the guitar as they play... And I'm sorry, I don't see talent in any "Artist" who sings a song that someone else wrote. Basically anyone with voice lessons can hold a decent note.

I had a great time last night...we were entertained with simple things that do not cost anything. Moments like that makes me think about how happy we will be in the future...


Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

courage teach me to be shy...cause its not hard to fall---when you float like a cannon ball.
I use to be addicted to that album.
If u can get WFUV in florida--they play alot of non-mainstream/commercial music. 90.7 Fm....but you can pick it up online as well. I was introduced to alot of music there.
hopefully Damien Rice never goes mainstream-- he he is as he seems , he won't.
Check out his website. damien
I've been waiting for his next CD for years....Whcih is probably a good sign. He is not aiming to mass produce and sell to fill his pockets. He is in it for the music.

Gata said...

Yes, it's wonderful to hear something (relatively) new that doesn't sound too loud or cheap.

Used to be people were singers of standards or opera songs, and, though they didn't write their own songs, they had other performance talents like dancing or acting, and it was okay because they were really good at what they do (and I don't think Julie Andrews ever wrote anything.) Now you can only get away with that if you starve yourself to death and are scantily clad. It's a different world with very little talent.

k said...

he makes me too sad, but he is good. he was on summerstage with fiona apple and i thought about going...but too sad.

Gata said...

Man, I've missed out on some good performances this year.