Aug 20, 2006

I’ve Had The Time Of My Life….

Wow. (As Chabba used to say some years back as young kid new to America. What ever happened to that guy?) I just came back from an AWESOME weekend. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. The thing is, I’m staying in a hotel alone…and was starting to feel lonely. So some friends decided to meet up in Orlando and go to Wet & Wild water park. Oh yeah, and this one cool girl booked a 2 bedroom suite at The Enclave for us ladies. Prices came out to $25 per person-Sweet!

I had so much fun at the water park. The day was cloudy – and that made it great because it was nice and breezy. There were less people than usual, so the wait wasn’t too bad. And my favorite ride there was “The Disco.” It was cool because, you go down this black large tube with 3 other buddies, and there are flashing lights and music playing as you go down. And like the other water park in Long Island, it was like a giant toilet bowl in the end. There was another nice ride, where you lay on a mat and go down squiggly tubes on your stomach - that was pretty sweet. At the end of the day, we showered and freshened up and ate dinner at a buffet. We went to one of the people in our group’s friend’s house and then went back to our 2 bedroom suite and crashed. I slept like a rock. They usually have a lot of families rent these suites, so I slept in the room decorated with Sponge Bob! I thought of doing that theme in one of my guest bedrooms - just kidding. The next day (today) we went to a breakfast buffet for $4 per person. Some old fog-I mean people in the group went home early. (I am just kidding, seriously!) But myself and 3 others went to the mall nearby (Valley voice: Totally awesome, the mall is like, the best thing ever!). It was really fun because it had stores we don’t usually have. I bought incense at this cool bead store called black market minerals. Oh and check this out:

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We all went nuts for these magnetic necklaces/bracelets. They are made from Hematite and mixed with glass beads and silver accents. They are so beautiful I bought a few to give to my mom & aunts & grandma. They don't require any claps. You can wrap it around your wrist or make funky designs. Highlight of my day.

One of the ladies decided to get a mani/pedi – and I did it with her. It was soooo relaxing. I had the paraffin wax thing, just to try it. And it’s really nice. Wasn’t cheap (like I mentioned in my previous post) but it was pretty darn therapeutic. We ate dinner at Tony Roma’s, and went our separate ways. It was great because when you do these 1 day things where you go to a park and then go home the same day, it doesn’t feel like you were away. I feel refreshed, energized, and most importantly, I feel like I had a real weekend away. Now that I’m pretty confident about driving around in Florida, I will have to duplicate this trip for visitors. And will mix it up with all the cool new people I’m meeting here!

It's a small world, one of the sisters that came with us said she had a sister who lived in Astoria for a short period of time. She wouldn't say the name, because I wouldn't know who she was. Well that wasn't the case! Her sister is Diane Zambrano - and yes, she was in Astoria English briefly! I knew of her from a distance. Small world.


k said...

How do you make such awesome friends so fast?? That sounds like the ideal weekend. And wow, Diana Zambrano--haven't heard that name in a while. Did she say how she's doing? She kinda just disappeared...

BonBon said...

Sounds like fun!
Gotta get me some of them magnetic jewelry..Supi has made some, and I admired how easy it is to wear-no fumbling w/clasps, esp. when I'm running late (which is more often than not).
I've never tried the whole paraffin wax thing, but it sounds like a nice pampering.

Gata said...

Hematite...isn't that the witches' stone? Of course, they were not the ones who invented stones, so I wouldn't lose sleep. Just love to add a prudence note. Pretty minerals and stones sounds wonderful.

As for Orlando, when I spent one day in Magic Kingdom, on the way we passed by so many hotels with karaoke I was beside myself. Must do that when I'm there. And the Spongebob decor sounds like fun.

.:.marie.:. said...

The friends here are just really cool. A unique group that complains that they never do anything. Ironic, because ever since I met them I was always doing something fun. They are from all different congs in the area - and we have good clean fun.

Paraffin wax was a cool experience...probably fun to do just to try, I'm not hooked or anything. Besides they'll come up with anyway to charge $10 more...

Hematite stone probably has some wicked origins - lol, you've heard of magnetic therapy right? Well, they use Hematite. I wouldn't get lost in the details, the Hematite wraps are fun to wear. It's a stone for goodness sake! Not a tarot card!

I was surprised how cheap the hotel was. I've been to Orlando before, but I don't remember being on International Drive. You can plan your whole weekend there. Gata go!

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

I am glad you got to have a blast of a weekend. Every girl deserves her day--of fun fun fun. and rest.
it stinks that those who are into mystic stuff have assumed properties in Jahs works...we'll see one day as to their true power if there are any. I mean they use quartz and diamonds for productive means.
you are going Florida valley on us aren't you?
Water parks--the best!