Aug 8, 2006

Move Along

I passed by our old house yesterday and THIS (see pic) is what's left of it! :**(

It made me so sad....I always said I wished the new owner knocked it down because I didn't want anyone living there, but to see it like that was hard. It represented to me, the beginning of my new life...

It's good practice - not to be too attached to houses and possessions - although obviously I wasn't attached to that house because of it's comforts-lol. It was a old piece of crap house, but we had fun in the backyard. I really liked living there....I didn't mind the basement at all. My cats loved it, they were out practically everyday, and it was good because they were pretty much contained back there, although Max jumps roofs. Barbecues were fun to have - outdoor Karaoke & movies were great - it's like we didn't have enough time to enjoy it to it's full potential of summer activities. Oh well. Move along.


Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

Its all you can do---
fishes eyes are on their side, flies see eveywhere...but humans eyes face foward."EQ,
girl---Florida is BBQ heaven !!!!
Your friends up here just have to work their way down stream.

totally understand your sentiments. Its better to have nothing then to loss something without a replacement.

.:.marie.:. said...

I have a friend over there who likes to do stuff. I'll try to get some fun action started....

I played soccer last time I was there and was gasping within 10 minutes. I need exercise!

Gata said...

I'd say I'm gonna miss the backyard but it's been like a year anyway. I got over the KH being knocked down in 1989 for the new one, this should be ok too.

(Still miss the karaoke bbq's)

k said...

that's pretty harsh--to come across such a sight, but from the pictures you've shown of FL, what a contrast...what you're moving toward.

BonBon said...

We get attached to places and things b/c of the memories associated with them. And I'm sure you've made and will continue to make lots of nice memories in your new home.