Dec 24, 2006


I recently came back from an exhausting yet FUN road trip to New York. This trip was different from the rest because our car now has a cheap DVD player in it. I was able to play a No Doubt concert and recline my seat all the way. My driving stamina is improving. I was excited to visit "home" again. I have a new line, Anthony says home is where the cats are. Lol.

Anyway, we were able to pull off surprising my Mom & Grandma at 2 in the morning! I called my mom from the vestibule of her building, saying that I couldn't sleep due to a bad dream that this guy was ringing her bell and trying to get that moment of course Anthony started ringing her bell. She heard it and said she was not going to buzz the door since she is not expecting someone. Grandma buzzed the door - I heard her say in the background that it might be my aunt Doris. Anyway, we went up and surprise surprise!

We were supposed to be in town earlier that week - so if you didn't see me, it was because we arrived on Friday 2 am and left Saturday morning at around 6:30. But I had a great day in NY. Felt wonderful to come and visit as a tourist. First thing that surprised me was the road rage. Twice in one day I was honked at, like for a long time. I wasn't even driving slow. I felt my blood pressure raise...this is something I did not miss about New York. Driving is just so stressful. I had a wonderful breakfast, then went to the city with my Mom & Gata. We visited one of my favorite spots in the city: St. Mark's place. We had tea and cake there after shopping at the wholesale district (I went a little nuts). It was just one of the best days....

The trip was short and sweet, it was time to leave. In Virginia, we made a pit stop in Ikea. Having those Swedish meatballs & red potatoes made my day! I bought floor lamps, wall art and some essentials. It felt great to bring home some plants...greenery! We were given a floor rug, which made the living room instantly cozy.

All in all, it was good to be back. I was able to visit and do things I enjoy most about NY, without actually living there. It's like having the best of both worlds. I do miss the action you find at any hour, be it 1 in the afternoon or at night.

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stevie- mono no aware said...

Yes..NYC a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live here.
'Road tripping with my friends.' RHCP.
Road tripping is the best!