Dec 14, 2006

The Age Game

The other night, we met some people visiting from France. They asked how old we were, and we made it a game. My friend Ruth was aged 3 years older, while Catherine was aged 1 year less then her age, and I was guessed to be 2 months older to be exact. :)

As they were going round, I contemplated what they might guestimate of me...because that night I was wearing false lashes and dark blue eyeshadow (yikes). I breathed a sigh of relief when my age was guessed correctly, but I really do want to shoot for a younger age. I think it's the makeup - the girls were more fresh faced...and although it's okay to have fun once in a while with falsies, I vow never to over do it.

I got through fazes just like every one else - there was a time I used to be very minimalist.


Gata said...

I usually get at least 5 years off my age! I'm gonna blame it on it being late in the day, and I had a head cold.

But yes, natural makeup is a bit more youthful.

stevie- mono no aware said...

I just finished writing about...AGE. How funny is that to come here and read this.
French folks seem to always ask peoples ages , its so wierd. Jp does that and I am constantly reminding him its not polite. But cultures are as they are and its interesting to experience their perspective.
I asked a guesstimation and got...50! I was sort of happy because I am trying to get older, then my mentality.
I actually want to find some tres natural lashes. (I have hardly any) but the ones I see look like false eyelashes. Can you recommend any?
Love them BE. It makes my face feel smooth.

.:.marie.:. said...

There are some falsies that can look natural. They are the ones that are not too thick and not too long. The thing is though, to hide the lash line, you have to line your eye with black eyeliner...when you come down, maybe I can show you. :) Glad you like B.E.