Dec 24, 2006

Everything's Not Lost

We had a laptop that had an unfortunate accident, resulting in it being inoperable. We were able to salvage the hard drive, which was...locked. We couldn't access it. I thought that more than a year's worth of pics were gone. But thanks to Danny, he was able to crack it - and now we have our pictures and memories in tact and backed up in our external drive. Whew!

I'm buying picture frames to put up my staircase...well, I just bought one (so far) to start with. I'm going to buy a few more and get my pictures printed out and framed. I'm just ecstatic that I didn't lose some of my best shots.



Gata said...

Danny to the rescue!

stevie- mono no aware said...

I am glad for ya. We've become too dependent on things that go kapout.
Hard copies seem necessary...yet redundant.