Feb 21, 2007

As Promised! (Cheesy-Smile Picture)

Found it! You'd never believe where? After tearing up the house & frantically searching, I decided to make the best of my search by putting things away and organizing. As I was in my underwear drawer, I brushed aside some unmentionables to reveal: Ta da! My Passport!!! I was never an "underwear drawer stasher" so I was puzzled...but only for a moment because I was overcome with giddy delight! What a relief! Now it's time to have a bubble bath with a glass of wine and book that massage I've been needing so badly! It's too late for a nap (I'm exhausted), but tonight's sleep is going to be good! :)
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Gata said...

I forgot to mention the underwear drawer...the strangest things pop up in there!

BonBon said...

Relief ;)