Feb 2, 2007

Mindless Ramblings...

I bought a book to teach myself crochet. When I was younger, Miledy gave me a blue needle and taught me how to do the chain stitch. So I decided to pick it up again and try to advance to the point where I can actually make something! My goal is to make a baby blanket for Flora, but I'm not going to say anything in case I turn out to be really bad at it. I tend to lose patience. Remember our knitting classes with Karin? Those were really nice, however I don't know if I retained much...I do remember it was nice spending time with the ladies.

I've been having a pretty bad skin week...and I buckled down and bought Proactiv on eBay. I'm going to try to sell my old ipod on eBay but haven't gotten around to posting it.

BTW, I love Gwen Stefani's new song "The Sweet Escape" although I do still miss her ND days. She did sell out big time...although I like a few of her new songs. Way better than LoveBabyLambCrap. I still think she could have done similar stuff with ND (Rock Steady album had a dance-vibe). Whatever. I want to go to her concert in May; she's a great performer. Anyone down?

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Gata said...

Pam knitted a baby blanket recently, it can be quite successful.

The Gwen concert, where is it gonna be? Do I really want to see it? It's just that May is the 10th anniversary of the first ND concert we went to, it would be cool.