Feb 21, 2007

Lost Passport

It's something I always keep in the same place. But while making preparations for my trip, I discovered that it was missing. The last time I had used it was on my cruise back in September, and a lot has happened since then. First of all, I remember taking a long time to unpack...but I checked my luggage and it's not there. Also, we moved everything out of the bedroom while painting so I have NO idea where it could have went. I've checked every obvious place and not so obvious places. Did I drop it after passing customs? UGH.

Like Gata, I'm hoping I find it right after I blog about it. I have already passed my deadline today for filing for an emergency one. I'm going to keep on searching...if I don't find it in the next couple of hours I'm going to go to the Post office and get the forms to file tomorrow morning. I can have it sent to NY worst case scenario. But until I get it, I'm going to feel anxious. @!#$%


BonBon said...

I hope you find it. That's never a good feeling: losing or misplacing something important.

Gata said...

Have u looked in all your handbags? And your cruise clothes?

I remember finding my passport in a pile and then realizing it was my old passport. The combination of being psyched out and seeing how skinny I used to be as a 17 year old was overwhelming.

You WILL find the passport!

.:.marie.:. said...

Gata, thanks for the jedi moment!

.:.marie.:. said...

If I find it, I'm going to down some Mango wine and take a nap to make up for lost sleep. :)

.:.marie.:. said...

Still haven't found it yet! This is KILLING ME! If I manage to find it, I'll take a cheesy-dorky picture of me smiling broadly holding it. If not, I have to go through emergency methods that are not fun.